The United States Should Use Renewable Fuel Sources Entirely

When I was younger I loved learning about polar bears, around nowadays I learn how they are dying off.   Imagine younger generations, maybe even the next generation learning about polar bears the same way we learned about dinosaurs. Imagine telling them that it was humankind’s fault. But polar bears wouldn’t be the only species going extinct in the arctic, there are around 5,500 other species that would die off    too. These animals include the arctic fox, reindeer/caribou, musk ox and the beloved walrus.

According to Sustainability For All, “Since the 1970’s, 35% of the ice at the North Pole has disappeared”. And melted into the ocean. In addition, boldly stated by NASA, “In some parts of the world, the sea level has risen almost 9 inches.” “At this current rate all of the ice in the north pole will have melted away by 2035”, National Geographic.” The loss of the north pole wouldn’t allow the possibility of those cute polar bears to starve, it would lead to their extinction.

The past 3 years have had above average temperatures in almost every US state, including Connecticut. Scientists believe that the contributing factor to these abnormal temperatures is fossil fuel pollution, or burning oil. When you burn that oil for electricity it emits carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases are gases in the atmosphere that trap heat. Once the heat from the sun gets to earth, it is trapped here, and it cant go back into space. If earth gets too hot, every living thing will die, the oceans will evaporate and everything will be on fire; but we’re not there yet. Here is a graph of carbon dioxide amounts rising.


There are methods to use renewable energy, energy that can never run out, unlike oil. Some of these methods are wind turbines, water turbines and solar panels. Solar panels use the energy from the sun to create electricity. This is a very effective way to get electricity without polluting the planet. And solar panels also end up being cheaper in the long run than the standard electricity.

Wind and water turbines are also effective. The problem with those however is that a regular citizen cannot purchase one. But you can encourage your town, or state, with the help of some neighbors, to install some, for a better brighter future.

Lets keep this planet green and blue, and try not to pollute it as much as possible. Using renewable energy will not completely wipe out the problem but it’s a start. And a start is just what we need.

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