The Washington Redskins Name Isn’t Disrespectful

Assumptions can cause real problems in this world. That is why we need to think before we act.. There have been times where I’m talking to somebody and they misinterpret what I said and take it as an attack or an insult. This also happens outside of conversations. There are times where organizations have questionable names and/or slogans. If the organization is popular and has a name for themselves they would most likely be smart enough not to put something offensive out there. And there are times when it’s not meant to be offensive but people assume it is. An effective representation of this is the “Washington Redskins”. The Washington Redskins are a respectful franchise in the NFL based in the Washington metropolitan area. Their name has been talked about by the media for a long time.

There are a number of articles and pages online that say the Redskins is an offensive name for a sports team to use. People think of the name as disparaging and offensive. In 2016 the Washington Post published a poll about what Native Americans think about the Washington Redskins name. According to that poll 9 in 10 Native Americans say they are not offended by the Washington Redskins name. That’s obviously the response we want to hear because the name isn’t meant to be offensive in any sort. But in 2020 a new study from the University of Michigan and UC Berkeley found that at least 73 percent of the 1,000 Native Americans surveyed thought the Washington Redskins mascot was offensive. Unnecessary protests have occurred in Washington D.C trying to change the Washington sports team name.

The football team did end up changing their name to the Washington Football Team then later on the Washington Commanders. 

The Washington Redskins date back to 1932, when the team was founded. According to Daniel Snyder – an American Executive of the NFL – when the name was initially created, it was chosen to honor Native Americans and the coach and four players at that time who were Native American.  If fans and people associated with the organization encouraged the real meaning behind the name then no name changing was needed. Not only that but people need to realize that not everything is intending on being offensive. It’s times like this when people aren’t using their common sense. When a lot of other people are encouraging the real meaning behind the name then the people who think negatively of the name can be convinced otherwise.

The fans and the organization behind the franchise should be encouraging the fact that the Washington Redskins name is a sign of respect not imitation. 


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  1. Hello Zach I agree with your essay and I think it is written very nicely and formatted very nicely I like the part when you quoted Daniel Snyder which made your essay a lot stronger.

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