Illegalize Recreational Marijuana in Connecticut

Marijuana isn’t a new discovery. From its early beginnings in America of Mexican immigrants carrying it over to escape revolution in their country, it has been a symbol of peace, and a symbol of war. From the Vietnam War protests to Nixon’s War on Drugs, this drug has seen mixed opinions in this country. It is until the modern day where we are now seeing it be legalized. 18 states have legalized it, and now we have passed a bill for the country. 

Ned Lamont and the State of Connecticut have come to the overall conclusion that as of July 1st, adults above the age of 21 can possess up to 1 ½ ounce of marijuana. Did you know that 18% of adults have admitted to using this drug, and that is all that have openly admitted to it. Soon it may not seem like a problem but what we are not realizing is that they are doing this while it is still illegal. 

A common pet peeve of many people is experiencing second hand smoke from cigarettes, but what some might not know is that marijuana has 20x more ammonia than cigarettes causing it to be more pungent. Not only that, but experiencing unwanted second hand smoke from marijiuana also negatively affects the brain. It raises the same tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) effect that gives you the feeling known as the “high” , says the CDC, Center of Disease Control. 

Another problem with marijuana is how it affects the young brain. 32% of college students and 12.5% of pre-college students have fake IDs. 22% of high school students have reportedly used marijuana in the last 30 days according to NY crime and law. With marijuana now being an over the counter drug, fake IDs will be used to buy it, and this will create bad habits and addictions at a fairly young age. Marijuana causes difficulty thinking, attention problems, and memory and learning impediments to the developing brain.

We must save our children from this addictive drug.

Children who experience smoke from marijuana will have affected brain growth. With this drug, it is not just impactful for the user, but also for all those around.

The future of our country relies on this generation’s good decisions. How are we going to teach good habits while our government is pushing against them?

The long term effects of marijuana will cause frequent lung illness.

We must teach our children about how healthy habits will forever dictate our future. 

I am calling upon Ned Lamont and the State Legislators of Connecticut to repeal the act to legalize recreational marijuana. We need to safeguard our generation and increasing tax revenue through harming citizens is unconstitutional.

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