Native American Team Names Shouldn’t Be Forced A Name Change



A team in the MLB called the Cleveland Indians was changed to the Cleveland Guardians in 2022. The MLB forced a team name change, because the word “Indians” was in their name. The NFL team called the Washington Redskins, was forced to change the team name because their name actually had racism in their names, by saying the color of the native american’s skins. But the Cleveland Guardians had “Indians” and their name and were forced to change their name. What was so bad with the word Indians? Cleveland was showing pride in the native americans, not racism. But the MLB still forced a team name change even though the “Cleveland Indians” was not a racist team name.

Sport leagues keep forcing a team name change, if it has a relevance to a native american tribe. Some team names are racist, like the Redskins, but there’s also team names that aren’t. For example, Cleveland Indians, Florida State Seminoles (FSU), Kansas City Chiefs, and much more. Those are not harmful or offensive to any native americans; in fact those names show pride in native american tribes. Their mascots are harmless, and represent native american tribes. According to it says, “The use of Native American names and mascots is appropriate because it’s a mark of respect and Native Americans aren’t offended by it.” (Source) Parlia researched that statement, and gained that information from actual native americans. Also a team name that represents the native american tribe name, is not racist, and should not have to change their name.

What can we do to make these leagues stop forcing team name change rules? All the fanbases of teams agree that teams should ask permission from tribes, if it’s ok and not offensive. Most of them are not offended. For example, the Kansas City Chiefs, according to Wikipedia it says, “When the Dallas Texans (AFL) relocated in 1963 they became the Chiefs in honor of Kansas City mayor Harold Roe Bartle who was instrumental in bringing the Texans to Kansas City, Missouri. Bartle earned his nickname as founder of a Boy Scouts honor camping society, Tribe of Mic-O-Say, in which he was “Chief” Lone Bear.”

The leagues shouldn’t force teams to change their names, just because they have a native american relevance in their name because it shows pride in native american tribes. Teams should ask for permission from anyone or a program that has something to do with native american tribes. Leagues need to realize that most of the team names aren’t racist, and shouldn’t be forced to change their names.


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