Being Cheated by Redding Kids

One day, Yu-Min, a good friend of mine, told me that he was helping some kids from Redding set up a minecraft server. According to Yu-Min, getting them to let us in in the first place was a difficult experience, involving hours of planning and negotiation with the server owner. When he joined the server, I was invited along with our mutual friend Colin. Colin immediately went on a rant to insult the Redding kids for their love of anime, which led to him getting kicked out, but it was very entertaining to watch. Even though our past relations with this group of kids weren’t so good, we were confident that this Minecraft server will be a fun experience. 

According to my friend Yu-Min, he spent around two hours setting up the server for the owner, Elliott, and his other friends including Conrad, who came up with the idea, and Ethan, who invited us to join in the first place. This work involved adding server plugins and setting up a map so that people could view the entire server and who was active online. When the setup was complete, me along with everyone else hopped on to play. When my friend and I were online, we usually got some wood, collected items, and made our base (a Minecraft house). The Redding kids were playing nicely as well, and focused on collecting resources, claiming land, and building structures. The day after the server began, there was an incident involving Elliott and Ethan. According to multiple eyewitness accounts, Elliott used his power as owner to cheat and start attacking Ethan and his friend who attends this school (who I shall not name). 1 day later around 10 pm on the weekend, my friend and I were on a call working on our base minding on our own business, but I noticed something was off. 

“Did you hear that?” I said

“What do you mean? Is someone at the base?” said Yu-Min

“I think so…” 

ShReEkEk!!! A chest opened right in front of me. 

“Yu-min did you see that! Someone just opened the chest! If you press tab it says no ones online” 

“Check the map” 


“Wait, it says they’re online!? I think their vanished what the heck their literally using admin to cheat”



After the incident, I decided to tell everyone else about what happened. Elliot and His friend, who I forget his name, started saying that me and Yu-Min were lying. Soon after that Ethan backed up us. He said that he noticed that some of his stuff was stolen too. Using the knowledge of the plugins that Yu-Min set up, only players in the person’s faction can open the chest so that meant Elliot and his friend must have been using admin. As Elliot was being exposed to cheating he said that I have been using x ray and that he was “just checking” to see if anyone was cheating using x ray. Even though I was using x ray I didn’t care, Elliot was cheating with admin and that’s a bigger problem than x ray. The next few weeks went by quietly after the incident. Ethan proved to be a dead end and Elliott ended all communication, we gave up and went back to our own things. However, the events of that night would stay with me and Yu-Min for months. We had not forgotten. We would not go quietly. The planning continues to this day. There will be justice. And they will pay. Colin was right.

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