Florida Keys, A Vacation To Remember

Our room was dewy, dim, yet ever so charming. Waking up, feeling the warm linen sheets resting against my ankles. My mom and brother, in the spare bedroom and foldout couch, were still asleep, while I was now wide awake, adjusting to my surroundings. I don’t think I had fully realized my predicament. The usual morning grogginess wore off. 

It had taken over 3 hours to fly to Miami. And about 2 and a half hours to drive our white Rental Car to the Florida Keys. 

We slept overnight. My brother, mom and I, in our quaint, small hotel room. Nothing fancy. I began to wonder what would make Florida so different from any other location we visited, considering this was my family’s first vacation not in a resort or accommodated situation. I pondered this. 

After waking up, getting out of bed, and getting dressed, I stood on the patchy, crimson colored carpet lying effortlessly next to the bed. 

I looked over at the spare bedroom door, seeing that the tall floor lamp was turned on. The squeaky door creaked open, and my mom stepped out, her hair laid out in front of her face; I stifled a laugh. 

“Good morning.” she said while yawning.

“Good morning.” I replied, stretching. “Can I use the bathroom first?” I asked cautiously, my mom definitely had her priorities, and skin care was one of them. 

“Yeah go ahead.” She calmly responded. 

“Thanks.” I walked into the bathroom. The bathroom sink was probably the nicest part of our room. It looked like it had been installed recently, the texture felt like touching an ice cube, just not as wet.  The white quartz felt cool against my skin.

After walking out of the bathroom, my mom walked in patiently. Waiting, I sat down onto the small, floral patterned armchair in the corner of the room. I took the time to analyze my time so far. To myself I thought,”What would make our trip different? Extravagant even.” 

I felt an ever growing sense of impatience in me. I knew I had to do as many things as possible with my time here as I could. I silently panicked. I didn’t think being on vacation would erupt such confusing emotions in me. I planned on making this experience special, mostly because I wanted to remember this vacation for practically the rest of my life. I sat there.

Waiting for my mom and brother, I realized this perfectly planned out, figurative diorama if you will, would not entirely come straight to me. Simply because I did not have the freedom to go wherever I wanted. This was still real life, and I had to realize that all good experiences come with setbacks, and we must overcome those setbacks to achieve the good experiences we all want in life. 

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