My first Home Run

It was a foggy March morning and it was my first game of the season. We are playing the Bridgeport Bluefish at the North end fields. My brother also had games that morning, they were across from my game. I felt a little nervous at the start because it was my first game and I’m always nervous.We start warming up and I’m throwing with my friend. I start to feel really good and excited. I’m starting at shortstop, so I start to take grounders there to warm up. I don’t miss a single one and now I’m ready for the game to start. We are in the field first, so I take grounders from my first baseman. The catcher throws to 2nd, so the game has started. My heart’s starting to beat quicker because of excitement and nervousness.

“Let’s go Matty!” I yell from Shortstop. The first batter comes up and hits a ground ball right to me. I field the ball cleanly and fire it to first for the out. Matty gets the next 2 batters out and the inning ends. We get up to hit and the pitcher is throwing pretty hard.

By the time I’m up there is a runner on 1st and 2nd with 2 outs. I think to myself, stay back and drive the ball to right field, right center. I take the first pitch for a strike, maybe a little outside but it’s whatever. Then the next pitch I see a high and outside fastball that is perfect for my approach and smack it to right field. The ball goes over the right fielder’s head and hits off the wall. I’m rounding 2nd but I trip over myself a little and go back to 2nd to be safe. All the nerves come out and it’s just excitement. All my teammates are cheering and I’m feeling on top of the world. The next batter smacks a ball over the Center Fielder’s head and I score easily. 

The score is 3-0 after the inning. I run out to my spot in the field and take grounders from my first baseman. I stand in the field, excited for my next at bat against the pitcher. 

The rest of the inning is a breeze and I don’t get up again until late in the bottom of the 2nd. In the bottom of the 2nd, the same pitcher is pitching and there is a runner on 2nd and 3rd this time. I swing at the first pitch and foul it off. The 2nd pitch I take for a ball. The third pitch comes in the exact same spot as my double in the 1st and I send the ball the same way. It gets over the Right Fielder’s head and now I’m trying to get to 3rd on this one. I slide head first into 3rd and get the triple. Now I’m really happy. My teammates and coach are cheering for me as the other team has a mound visit.

The inning ends with me stranded at 2nd. But there’s no nerves in me anymore. I’m playing the game that I love and I’m doing very well.

I finally get to my 3rd at bat of the game and the kid that’s pitching is throwing meatballs. The bases are loaded as I step up to the plate. The first pitch should’ve been a ball but the umpire calls it a strike. I think the ump just wants the game to end. But I don’t. I take a deep breath and step back into the box. The pitcher throws a perfect pitch right down the middle and my eyes light up. Ping! The ball flies to center field and the Center Fielder drifts back and stops at the warning track. He looks on the other side of the fence where the ball lays. Reality hits me and I just hit a home run! My first one! My heart is racing as I round the bases and I have the biggest smile on my face. My coach is clapping and cheering and so are my teammates. They wait at home plate for me and I jump onto the plate. I get a lot of claps on my back and helmet slaps. 

The feeling of hitting a home run was amazing and I’m thankful that I’m able to feel that feeling after my first one. But an even better feeling is playing the game I love, baseball. Even if I do good or bad I love playing baseball and I should never be nervous about playing my favorite game ever.

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