The Camping Trip Memoir

Name: Camila Mendez
Teacher: Mr. Jockers
Class: ILA
Date: June 9, 2022
The Camping Trip

The Camping Trip

It all starts when me and my best friend go on our first “camping trip together”. It was summer 2021 and this was our first time going camping in my RV together. Me and my family go every year but this year was special since I could invite a friend. This was our second day here and we were riding our bikes around downtown. We had left the campsite area so we would ride our bikes to a nearby Starbucks for breakfast. The Starbucks we were going to was in the middle of a bunch of other stores, but there were very few people there because it was early in the morning, around 10:00 AM. People were JUST starting to get to work and opening their stores up. My phone was dead but my bestfriends was not. As we rode our bikes we realized the Starbucks was farther down the street than we thought. We had to bike for a total of 6 minutes to get there. Not too bad. I had my phone in my hand and my friend had hers up to her ear, talking to her mom. It was pretty hot, so I didn’t have a hoodie on to put my phone in. I did though specifically remember what my mom had told me earlier. She had told me to not ride my bike while looking at my phone. I wasn’t worried about it though, I have ridden my bike with my phone in my hand before and my mom was definitely being overprotective.

As we were biking through the main street we stopped more than once at different little shops that started opening up. It was now almost 11 am and most stores were open. More people were showing up and walking around. We finally continued our trip to Starbucks. We were a minute away. I was distracted with the beautiful weather there was and how clear the sky was. I was also focused on answering a text. Suddenly I felt a drop. It all happened so fast. Before I knew it I was on the floor, passed out. Everything was spinning. Everything went black. The last thing I remember seeing was my friend’s worried face. I felt a strong pain coming from my head. I don’t know how to describe the feeling, it was just really painful. From then on, I had no clue what happened.

After what felt like hours, I woke up to the sound of my mom’s concerned voice. I was laying down, not sure where though. I looked around. It smelt like a hospital, it looked like one too. Looking to my left I saw my parents with my best friend and my brother beside them sitting down. “Where am I, what’s going on?” I asked. I saw my best friend and my parents jump up to the surprise of hearing my voice. My head felt like it was going to explode. My mom told me I had gotten a concussion. I couldn’t believe it, it was only the second day of our trip and I had already gotten hurt? I could hear the sounds of my best friend’s voice explaining to me what had happened. “I can’t even remember it clearly, I just remember seeing you on your phone one minute and then seeing you laying on the floor the next” she explained. “I called your parents and they came immediately, I think you hit your head on the sidewalk after the fall”. I felt my head throb with pain. I went up to touch the top of my head and felt a bandage-like material covering the wound. A few minutes later, a doctor walked in the room and informed us with some updates. She told me I couldn’t swim, run, do sports, or anything that would put my body to work. This meant the rest of my vacations would be ruined. Suddenly as I was zoning out while listening to her, I remembered how it all happened. Before I fell, I was on my phone. Exactly what my mom told me not to do. I had definitely learned a lesson and next time I would make sure to listen.

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