The Day I Was Free Memoir


I had just woken up and it was a beautiful day in Orlando, Florida. Me and my family got dressed and went to the car for a fun filled day in Universal studios. When we first got there we went to a specific breakfast area only allowed for Universal V.I.P tour members. I remember doing this tour with my mom only 2 weeks before Covid had hit the world and I remember having a lot of fun. This tour basically provides you with a tour guide who can bring you to any ride around the park that you wish, but the catch is that because you have them with you, they can bring you behind the scenes of the ride and essentially cut the whole line while seeing and experiencing some pretty cool things most people don’t see. 

 After our breakfast we were off to start our day. This was toward the near end of the pandemic and the time mask was not required in the park. For the last 2 years I have felt pretty close to how a prisoner felt because I was always told to wear a mask and many other protocols that created pretty unpleasant experiences. When I was there though I had finally felt this sense of normality and I felt as if I was that same prisoner who got released. It truly had felt amazing, But not just that feeling but also the rides and the entertainment was super fun and I didn’t want it to end at all.

 Once the day was over we had reservations at a highly recommended sushi restaurant within the park that my parents had a struggle booking reservations for because of how “good it was” and the amount of people dining there. I remember thinking at dinner about the wonderful day I just had and thanking my parents for such a great time. However besides the rides and the fun the main reason I think I enjoyed that day so much was because it was a day in a very long time I had finally felt liberty from the world. I had wished that maybe one day everything could go back to the way it was 2 years ago in school and in public. Looking back, it’s pretty sad that any human should have to feel this certain way when really they haven’t done anything wrong. It’s just society and the current norm of that time triggered this kind of feeling. The good thing is it made you appreciate it a lot more than you had before. Even though the way it was executed was pretty unnecessary. Hopefully I can tell this to my kids one day and hopefully they will be shocked I had once lived in a world like this.  


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