The First Day Of 7th Grade

It was the beginning of September which also meant that a new school year was here. I woke up that morning with mixed feelings about going to school because I was going to get to see all  my classmates again but that also meant that the summer had come to an end. I saw my sister getting ready for her first day of highschool. I was nervous because I didn’t know school would be like being required to wear a mask. I got ready then got my backpack which was filled with all my new school supplies and headed out the door. My Mom took pictures of me, right when I put on my mask  the bus arrived. I hated the feeling of the mask against my face. I said goodbye and got on the bus. When I stepped on the bus I looked and saw everyone with their masks. “This looks really weird” I thought to myself. The bus ride went quick and we arrived at the school.  I gazed out the bus window and saw teachers standing outside with their masks on waiting to see and greet everyone. The bus driver parked the bus and everyone exited the bus. I walked across the loop and to the doors and got greeted by teachers. I entered the building and everyone just looked gray and different than I had remembered since the last time I was here in March. There was tape that covered the floors and signs all over the place to ensure everyone that you have to wear your mask and stand 6 feet apart from everyone. I began to feel that this was going to take a very long time until I could get used to it. Kids began to pile into the building and teachers were yelling “6 FEET.” “How am I going to do this” I thought to myself. I walked down the hallway and to my homeroom which was Mr Rogers room. I saw my class and entered the room which was only half full because we were doing hybrid learning. The Principal welcomed us on the loud speaker and also informed us about the safety protocols. The day went on with me meeting my new teachers. When lunch had come around it was finally time to get a break from my mask. I looked around and saw everyone’s faces. Dismissal was different this time around because there was no bell and we had to wait until they called your specific bus. I went home having mixed feelings and feeling optimistic if I wanted to go back. It was in this moment where I realized that change is hard and difficult. But it is just something that will take time to get used to.

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