The Time I Cracked My Head Open

One early Saturday morning, I woke up and got the news that my cousins were coming all the way from Massachusetts to visit my family for the day. I was so excited to see them, especially knowing that I hadn’t seen them in a couple months. We spent most of the morning tidying up the house, per my mom’s request, so that it would be clean for my cousins when they arrived. Finally, I heard the squeaking of their car as they pulled into our driveway. After they got all of their belongings from their car, they made their way up to our door. Before they could even knock on the door, I swang it open to greet them because I couldn’t wait any longer to see them. They said they had been on the road for a long time and were starving so we all sat down in our nook and ate breakfast together. I was talking to my cousins about how the school year was starting soon and we were all bonding over the fact that summer was coming to an end. We were bummed that we would have to go back to sitting at a desk for 7 hours rather than chilling by the pool all day. We got done eating the rest of our breakfast and we decided to excuse ourselves from the nook so that we could go hang out upstairs. My sister went to her room to hang out with my cousin Elizabeth and I went to hang out in my room with my cousin Jack. After a while, Jack and I got bored so we came up with the “brilliant” idea to have an intense pillow fight. It was fun in the beginning, until it wasn’t. He had hit me so hard with the pillow that I fell into a sharp corner of the wall in my bedroom. I fell pretty hard but I didn’t think much of it until I touched my head and felt something wet. I realized my head was gushing blood. I immediately screamed to my parents to come up and started to freak out. I told them to look at my head and when they did, they both winced- they even said they could see a bit of my skull which I didn’t believe until they showed me a picture. They took me downstairs and tried to find things to put on it to make it stop bleeding but nothing worked. They finally decided that I needed to go to urgent care. I was terrified because I knew you only go there if something really bad happened. I was freaking out the entire car ride there because I did NOT want to get stitches. We walked in and waited for the doctor to come see me. The doctor told my parents and I that I would need staples asap. The first thing I thought of was the staplers that we used at school and I got nauseous at the idea of my head being stapled by one of those. My mom told me to close my eyes so that I would not see the staples going in. To my surprise, the staples didn’t really hurt. The only painful part was being told I couldn’t participate in any sports for the next couple of months. I said thank you to the doctor and got into the car to head home. My cousins and their parents felt really bad about what happened and I knew that my cousin would get in trouble for what happened. After an eventful day, my cousins were ready to head home so we said our goodbyes and they were off. I walked upstairs to my room to take a nap because I was so tired from being out at the doctors all day. I woke up a couple hours later for dinner, almost forgetting about everything that had happened earlier that day. I went downstairs and my family and I talked about everything that had happened. We all knew we would remember this day forever. 

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