What Happened to my Brother?

Alisiana Mercey 

Mr. jockers 


June 9, 2022

CRASH! He hit the floor knocking into the corner of the table. My mother screamed to the top of her lungs ,“ WHAT WAS THAT?¨ She ran and rushed down the stairs and had a worried look splattered on her face. 

It was a plain summer evening. The night was humid and the air was broken, we were miserable. Me and my brother sat in the living room watching old vhs tapes on my grandma’s boxy tv. ¨I’m bored¨ my brother complains. I reply ¨ same it’s so hot. Do you want to go out and get some ice cream? They close in 30 minutes. Can we make it.¨ My brother nods with a somewhat happy look on his face. We run up the stairs to ask my mom and she says ¨Sure but be back soon it’s almost dark.¨  We nod and run down stairs out the door. 

It was cool and brisk outside compared to the house, which put us in a happier mood. As we walked we talked about the dreading topic of back to school. I was going into 6th while he was going into 5th. ¨Do you know alot about your new school?¨ He asked, I replied ¨yeah it’s bigger compared to elementary school but, i’m scared of the 8th graders. The 8th grades were known to be very mean to incoming 6th grades because we were very annoying. He said ¨dont worry youll be fine you’re.¨ After our chat 5 minutes later we finally got to the ice cream shop in time. The worker asked ¨what can I get you kiddos?¨ My brother replied, “Can I get a double scoop of chocolate ice cre–¨  I butted in. ¨Can I get strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and strawberry toppings? He smiled and went to make the ice cream with quickness. ¨there you go!¨ ¨Thank you!¨ We said in unison.  

We started walking home and got there in about 10 mins. After arriving at the house we greeted our mom and sat at the table to finish our ice cream. My brother jokingly said ¨OH MY GOD YOU’RE SO ANNOYING !¨ Because it was out of nowhere I thought he was being serious and I got angry. So I got up and pushed him out of the chair ¨BANG.¨ I started laughing because he was just lying there I thought he was just joking like always . My mother screamed to the top of her lungs ,`` WHAT WAS THAT?¨ She ran and rushed down the stairs and had a worried look splattered on her face. She ran to my brother to feel a huge bump on his head. You could see it sticking out. I gasped. He started to sob uncontrollably. My mother ran upstairs and called 911. 5 Minutes later there was an ambulance and a stretcher in my house coming to pick up my brother. Is it my fault? Is he okay? I thought we were just joking. I thought to myself. My mother rode in the ambulance while I stayed home with my grandmother. 

A few hours later, he came home. He had a minor concussion and nothing else. When he walked into the door I hugged him tightly and cried ¨ I’m so sorry are you okay? I didn’t mean to hurt you. I’m so sorry!¨ He just said ¨relax i’m fine, only a little bump.¨ I felt so guilty for hurting him. I still say sorry till this day. 

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