First catch of the season!

It was a nice spring day. I was walking with my friends to go fishing. We walked to the spot and The water was super high So I knew that we were going to catch something but I didn’t know that something would come as quickly as it did. 

It being the first day of the season none of our roads were hooked up yet so we had to do that before we started casting. I had broken my last summer by fishing and vermont and I never remembered to buy a new one so I had to use my dads (Of course now I do have my new rod) but because it was my dad’s I was unfamiliar with it. But still I put the hook and lure on and was ready to fish. 

At first I wasn’t fishing because there were 6 of us at the spot and only enough space for 2 of us to cast so I just sat back and talked to my friends. They weren’t getting many bits so I decided to move downstream.

The walk down to the spot I was thinking of fishing at was not very far so it was a quick walk. Tyler came with me but stopped about half way to fish at another spot, but I kept walking to my spot. When I got there I saw a big rock so I decided to cast off of that. 

I got up on the rock, flipped my reel and cast my line into the water. I heard the splash and instantly felt a fish bite, nothing was on yet but I knew there was an interesting fish. I started reeling in and then “BAM” I had a fish on, I started reeling in and saw it was a bass. I got it to land and started yelling for everyone. The fish was about a foot long and was probably 4-5 pounds. I was ,mlpokijnmb so ecstatic because it was my first catch of the season along with everybody else. I saw Liam sprinting in and then I also saw Liam wipe out. Liam got the pliers to cut the line because the hook was way too far into the fish’s mouth for us to be able to get it out. While Liam was cutting the line and everybody else was running over I called my dad and the conversation went pretty much like this.

Me, “ Dad I just caught the first fish of the season!”

Dad, “ NIce job, what type is it?” 

Me, “ It’s a bass” 

Dad, “ Nice make sure not to kill it.”

Me, “ Yup, Bye.”

Dad, “ Bye.”


After I called my dad I saw Christian and Tyler running toward me and Liam  to look At the fish. While all this was happening Justin and Jack arrived from the hill to get down to the fishing area. They were a little bit late because they started biking late. When they saw the fish they got pretty hype.  We were all pretty excited and thought we would catch more, but unfortunately we didn’t but we did encounter these highschoolers. 

We kept fishing when we saw these people hiding behind trees. At first we thought it was a friend but when we tried to go talk to them they started running at us and shooting us with gel guns. We ran as fast as we could out of there but we still got hit a couple times with the gel guns. I didn’t get hit but some of my friends did.

We confronted them and they said they owned the reservoir and they could get us kicked out. Obviously we didn’t believe them. So we just decided to tell them not to bother uis and left. . After that we fished for like 20 more minutes but then we all just went home for dinner. 

Overall I would say that it was a pretty fun first fishing day for the season. We still go and have lots of fun and we have definitely caught more fish then. My new rod is also way better than my old one but my dad’s rod might be better then my new one. I have caught some way bigger fish sense then, but no fish I’ll catch this season will compare to that very first one.  


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