The day I got my dog

“Come on now it’s time to leave.” I quickly grabbed my stuff and got into the car as fast as I could.

 It was a big day. We were getting our first dog a couple of years ago. It was a rainy Saturday in mid-April. The windows had all been fogged up making it hard to see anything but just a bit of fog and blur. We had to drive about an hour to our destination where we got to pick up our puppy. There were 8 options, 1 girl and 7 boys. I wasn’t surprised when my brother said that he wanted a boy. We had boy dogs our whole life. I wanted a change and to get a girl for once. The only person who was on my side was my mom but of course, that didn’t stop my brother from wanting a boy dog instead. The car ride to upstate New York was 3 hours long. Meaning 3 anxious hours waiting till we all got to meet all of the puppies. It was just me, my mom, my brother and my aunt who had come. My dad had been on a business trip to Washington DC for work. Finally, after 3 long hours of just starting zoning out and looking outside at the pouring rain we had finally arrived at our destination.

Me and my brother had both taken off our seatbelts before my mom had even put the car in park mode. We jumped out of the car and quickly walked up the path to the door. In the distance outside, we could see one of the owners walking around outside with the dog. We were anxiously waiting at the doorstep for a little while until the owner had finally opened the door and greeted us into her home. All I could hear were the scratching noises of all the dogs’ paws against the wooden floor. I looked up and I saw more than just 8 puppies. I saw what seemed like a million dogs. The owner introduced us to the dogs and their names, and one by one she would pick up one of the puppies and bring it over to us. 

The first of a couple of puppies she had brought over didn’t catch my attention. One of them had peed all over the floor so she was quickly brought back into her little cadge. The other ones didn’t seem to interact with us as much as we had thought. One of them even came up and started nibbling a hole into my shirt.  Eventually, she brought over the girl dog that I had been waiting to see. Her fur was very soft and her tone of skin was a light camel. She started licking my face and wagging her tail. I instantly became obsessed with her. A little later the owner had brought in the very last dog. He came running up to my brother and jumped into his lap. My brother instantly became obsessed with this dog. We knew that at the end of the day whatever dog my brother wanted we would end up getting. 

Time went by and he then had to make the decision that we all had been waiting for, for weeks now. He finally had decided to pick the boy dog. I was sad about it because I did like the other one. But I realized that It was his discussion and any dog is better than no dog. We said goodbye to the owner and the other little puppies. And we were back in the car ready to go home. We had put the dog in a little crate in the middle seat between me and my brother. The rain had finally cleared up and it was a nice fun peaceful drive back home. 


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