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Amelia Burrell’s Letter Essay #6

3/1/16 Recently I finished reading Fractured, a 421 page science fiction novel written by Teri Terry. Terri Terry had an interesting life before she became an author. Her early career started off with being a scientist, followed by a lawyer, and then a optometrist. Another interesting fact about Terri Terry is that she has lived … Continue reading Amelia Burrell’s Letter Essay #6

Amelia B.’s Letter Essay #3: Saint Anything

11/20/16 Recently, I finished reading Saint Anything, a 417-page realistic book, by #1 New York Times bestselling author, Sarah Dessen. Sarah Dessen is also the author of eleven other novels written prior to the publishing of this book in 2015. Her most popular books, That Summer and Someone Like You, were actually made into a movie titled How to Deal. According to the inside … Continue reading Amelia B.’s Letter Essay #3: Saint Anything