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Letter Essay #2 -Chelsea

Letter Essay #2    In 7th grade, I read the award-winning science-fiction novel: Divergent, and have recently chosen to re-read the book. Divergent is 487 pages long and was written by the brilliant author, Veronica Roth. When Veronica Roth was taking psychology 101 as a young college student, she was inspired to write Divergent. She soon … Continue reading Letter Essay #2 -Chelsea


Chelsea   Underestimated, determined, passionate,willing Daughter of Melissa and Albert, sister of Amelia Lover of people, the arts, and ice cream Who feels thankful for ideas, education, and life Who finds happiness in dance, her friends, and organizing her room Who needs answers, stress, and having her voice heard Who gives advice to her little … Continue reading Bio-Poem:Chelsea.C.