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David, Where Are You From?

I’m from listening to Paul Simon at night and playing my guitar in bed till I fall asleep. I’m from waking up early and stumbling out of bed to the car for early morning car rides to snowboarding day trips.   I’m from evening sunset longboard cruises and getting home in time for a … Continue reading David, Where Are You From?

The Giver Movie Trailer

<iframe id=”vp12ol9u” title=”Video Player” width=”432″ height=”243″ frameborder=”0″ src=”” allowfullscreen></iframe> The giver is an 179 page novel by Lois Lowery about a kid named Jonas who lives in a perfect communist society where when you graduate from school your job is chosen for you. Jonas is chosen for the special job of the giver, who holds … Continue reading The Giver Movie Trailer