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Gabi’s Letter Essay #6 1984

Recently, I finished reading George Orwell’s, 328 paged classic, 1984. George Orwell (a pseudonym of Eric Blair) served with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma before returning to Europe to bestow upon us many of his great works, essays and novels alike. This particular novel, originally called Nineteen Eighty-Four,  was published on June 8, 1949. … Continue reading Gabi’s Letter Essay #6 1984

Actually Going to Space Would’ve Been Easier

Nathan was always the most adventurous of my brothers, he was willing to go whenever, wherever, even if it was a rollercoaster in pitch black. Which was part of the reason I was sitting behind him screaming like a six year old, on a rollercoaster. In pitch black. This had all started as a chance … Continue reading Actually Going to Space Would’ve Been Easier

Gabi’s Letter Essay #3 Throne of Glass

Recently, I finished reading Throne of Glass, a 404-page fantasy novel by Sarah J. Maas who also is is the author of the New York Times and USA Today. Throne of Glass  the first book in the Throne of Glass series was published in 2012 and has become an international bestseller, translated into 23 languages. … Continue reading Gabi’s Letter Essay #3 Throne of Glass

Gabi, Where Are You From?

I’m from days on the beach, attempting to tan my Scottish-Irish skin, but soon giving in to the calling surf.   I’m from sword fights in the basement, the clash of plastic against plastic that will determine which brother controls the video console.   I’m from firefly nights on the back porch, with creaky swings … Continue reading Gabi, Where Are You From?

A Week in Mozambique

A Week in Mozambique The ocean awaits you LOCATION: Located in Southeastern Africa, bordering the Mozambique Channel, between South Africa and Tanzania at 18 15 S, 35 00 E, you’ll find beautiful Mozambique and its capital, Maputo. CULTURE: Living here you’ll find the Mozambicans. With a population of 24,692,144, these people are made up of … Continue reading A Week in Mozambique

Gabi’s Letter-Essay #9: “Looking for Alaska”

    April 3, 2015 Dear class (or blog viewer), I recently finished reading John Green’s Looking for Alaska, a 221 paged realistic fiction book. I chose this book because people are always telling me I don’t read enough John Green, my mom, my friends, etc.  Before this book I’d only read The Fault in Our … Continue reading Gabi’s Letter-Essay #9: “Looking for Alaska”