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Isabel Llach Letter Essay

Recently, I have finished reading The Cabin,  a 336-page, mystery book.  This novel is written by Natasha Preston.  Natasha Preston is an United Kingdom native, she grew up in small towns and villages, and she fell in love with reading and writing early in her life.  She started writing, professionally, in 2010, since then she … Continue reading Isabel Llach Letter Essay

Isabel’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Aboard a Jeep Wrangler filled with excitement Across the New Hampshire state border Among beautiful lakes and mountains Through woods and forests Over bridges, through tunnels On small countryside roads Into cold New Hampshire weather With my family Towards Meredith, New Hampshire To my grandparent’s house Near Lake Winnipesaukee On Lake Waukewan We drove  

Isabel’s Letter Essay #3: The Borrowers

Recently I finished reading The Borrowers, a 192 page fantasy book written by Mary Norton.  Mary Norton is an English writer most popular for writing her series The Borrowers, Norton was educated in London, but was raised in Bedfordshire, which was the setting for The Borrowers. The Borrowers is a classic book originally published in … Continue reading Isabel’s Letter Essay #3: The Borrowers

Bio-Poem: Isabel L.

Isabel Good-hearted, patient, sympathetic, competitive Daughter of Nora and Salvador, sister of Alex Lover of family, friends, and all animals Who feels thankful for amusement parks, holidays and snow Who finds happiness watching Netflix, going on vacation, and playing outside. Who needs to have fun, use an alarm to wake up in the morning, and … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Isabel L.