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Letter Essay #6 – The Amber Spyglass: by Jalen Johnson

  This trimester, I read the book The Amber Spyglass, a 518-page fantasy book by Philip Pullman. Philip Pullman lives in Oxford England and has won many awards, such as the Carnegie Medal for his book, The Golden Compass, Parent’s Choice Gold Award for The Subtle Knife, and the Costa Book of the Year Award … Continue reading Letter Essay #6 – The Amber Spyglass: by Jalen Johnson

Jalen Johnson’s Letter-Essay #3: Fire World

Recently, I just completed the last 300 pages of the 600-page fantasy novel Fire World. This novel was written by Chris D’Lacey, a British author who has received a  literary award for his contributions to fictional literature from the University of Leicester in England. He is a New York Times bestselling author and published Fire … Continue reading Jalen Johnson’s Letter-Essay #3: Fire World

Bio-Poem: Jalen

Jalen Bright, imaginative, humerous, and bookish Son of Jennifer and Sydney, brother of Jemma and Julia Lover of a good book, the theatre, and the blissful silence of a weekend afternoon Who feels thankful for life, the internet, and the joyous memories of family gatherings Who finds happiness spending time with friends, swimming in his … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Jalen