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Collaborative Letter Essay #9: The Hunger Games

Dear Readers, Recently, we finished reading The_Hunger_Games, a 374 page dystopian novel by Suzanne Collins. This is the first book out of a trilogy. Suzanne Collins got many good reviews from the book and was a New York Times bestseller for a while. She also won The Dorothy Canfield Fisher children’s book award, the Cybils … Continue reading Collaborative Letter Essay #9: The Hunger Games

Jack K’s Letter Essay #6

Dear blog, Recently I finished reading Dog Tags: Prisoners of War, a 192 page historical fiction book by C. Alexander London. In this book, 18 year old Miguel Rivera is a private and a medic in the U.S army during World War 2. This is C. Alexander London’s 4th book series, called Dog Tags. Prisoners … Continue reading Jack K’s Letter Essay #6

Jack K.’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

  My Favorite Vacation: Aboard an old, white van driven by a man named Joe With my dad, mom, and siblings As we drive to LaGuardia, our journey’s beginning Through the long TSA lines Onto a giant plane, headed for our destination Over a dozen states we fly Amid the fluffy, white clouds Through the … Continue reading Jack K.’s Prepositional Phrase Poem