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Collaborative Letter Essay #9: The Maze Runner

  Dear class, Recently, we have finished The Maze Runner, a 374 page, action- adventure/ sci-fi novel that was published in 2009. The author, James Dashner, not only wrote The Maze Runner, but the whole series that consists of  four books; The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, and The Kill Order. This … Continue reading Collaborative Letter Essay #9: The Maze Runner

Josh Letter Essay #6: Unbroken

Dear classmates, Recently, I have finished reading Unbroken, a 473-page, historical non-fiction novel by Laura Hillenbrand that was published in 2010. The author of this book, Laura Hillenbrand, is an american author who was famous for her novel, Seabiscuit, which was published in 2001. She has not written anything since Unbroken in 2010 which really … Continue reading Josh Letter Essay #6: Unbroken