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Michael Cruz’s Letter essay #7, The Crossover

I just finished reading, “The Crossover.” By Kwame Alexander. I chose to read this book because when I went to the media center to get a book they recommended this book and that convinced me enough so i started reading it. This book is written in the style of a poem but still has a … Continue reading Michael Cruz’s Letter essay #7, The Crossover

Michael’s letter-essay #9: “The Compound”

I’ve recently read The Compound by, S.A. Bodeen. I read this book because the school librarian recommended it to me. This book is about Eli Yanakakis and when his billionaire computer designer father hears word of a nucular attack he rushes his entire family to the bomb shelter compound, or did he? Turns out  he … Continue reading Michael’s letter-essay #9: “The Compound”