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Rene’s Letter-Essay #6 – Blonde by Frank Ocean (Listen Below)

Rene Itah 2/28/17 Period 5 ILA This Letter-Essay isn’t about a book. It’s about an album. Sorry. Namely, Frank Ocean’s Blonde, released in 2016. It’s an experimental R&B album that runs for exactly one hour, and was preceded by 3 years of complete silence from Ocean, who released his cult classic debut, channel ORANGE, in … Continue reading Rene’s Letter-Essay #6 – Blonde by Frank Ocean (Listen Below)

Rene’s Letter-Essay #3: Ghosting

Ghosting Edith Pattou Realistic Fiction Edith Pattou’s Novel-Poetry hybrid, Ghosting is a 428-page long story told in free verse and stream-of-consciousness, switching perspectives between characters. It’s about six teenagers about to enter their senior year of high school on the last Saturday before school begins. Most of them don’t really like each other all that … Continue reading Rene’s Letter-Essay #3: Ghosting