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Monday Musings – 5/19/14 – The Outsiders Movie

In this Monday Musing, I will be talking about the Outsiders movie we watched in class a few days ago. Similar to most movie-book relations, I liked the book better. I understand it is hard to make a movie just like the book, though. I t is hard for the director to incorporate the main … Continue reading Monday Musings – 5/19/14 – The Outsiders Movie

Monday Musing: The Universe

Something I have always wondered about is the universe. The universe. A gigantic, never ending realm that we have not yet discovered even a tiny portion of.  The universe is very questionable, too.  Our earth could be one in hundreds of billions of trillions (and so on) of other planets and galaxies.  We wonder if … Continue reading Monday Musing: The Universe

Always Be Alert

“Woosh, woosh,” the grass swayed calmly in the distance. The autumn trees had faded red, orange, and yellow leaves, falling off gradually, while they loomed over the backyard. The breeze created a soft, eerie howl and the night sky was a darkening blue without a cloud in sight.   My family and I were devouring … Continue reading Always Be Alert