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Turning a Blind Eye

All over the world, small children are going hungry and dying because no one in the middle-class knows or cares enough to help them. Even minors living in well-educated areas seem to be turning a blind eye to the ever rising issue of poverty. Children in America are the future, and if they don’t know … Continue reading Turning a Blind Eye

Brother Blind Movie Trailer

The Wrong Recipient (Shortened Version)

It was 11 o’clock when the phone rang. George was leaving for work when he heard it. Chimes. A peaceful, serene sound. His wife, Rosetta, had selected the uplifting ringtone, but never imagined the pain it would bring. “Dead.” The message was sudden and tragic. The memory of the events that followed seemed like a … Continue reading The Wrong Recipient (Shortened Version)

Brother Blind

  “No more kids!” was the first thing Robert Filler heard his father say the day his brother, Samuel, came home. “No more I say!” his father, Jeremy Filler shouted, shoving Robert’s mother out the door, and snatching a bawling Samuel out of her arms. “I’m taking this one back to the orphanage where it … Continue reading Brother Blind