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Ellie’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

New York, New York Aboard a crowded metro Towards the city of lights Beyond the town of Easton, CT Upon the lavish stores Down the several sidewalks Near many business men and women. Minus the several farms Plus the honking horns Among the multiple apartments Underneath the towering buildings Beside a bunch of rude and … Continue reading Ellie’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Cooper’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Maryland Trip In a black Honda filled with snacks and games Along all the way down to Maryland Along the streets were the grandest most wonderful-looking hotels To have fun by the ocean In a hotel with a pool, sleeping in a fold-up bed leaning down Between a beach to relax and a whole lot … Continue reading Cooper’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Emily’s Prepositional Phrase Poem – The River

The River Outside my house Across my yard Among the fallen trees and speckled rocks Upon the cracked and mysterious ground Alongside a glistening river Underneath a canopy of beautiful trees Near scurrying chipmunks and hopping frogs Past the small waterfall By the edge of a creek Admiring the cold and clear water Following the … Continue reading Emily’s Prepositional Phrase Poem – The River

Ben’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Machu Picchu Across a narrow bridge in a rickety bus Up the winding trail Past the llamas grazing in the grass Through Machu Picchu Ascending higher than the mountains Enjoying the landscape spread out before me Walking in a place that I know is 550 years old Wondering how such a place could exist Watching … Continue reading Ben’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Isabel’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

Aboard a Jeep Wrangler filled with excitement Across the New Hampshire state border Among beautiful lakes and mountains Through woods and forests Over bridges, through tunnels On small countryside roads Into cold New Hampshire weather With my family Towards Meredith, New Hampshire To my grandparent’s house Near Lake Winnipesaukee On Lake Waukewan We drove  

Jack K.’s Prepositional Phrase Poem

  My Favorite Vacation: Aboard an old, white van driven by a man named Joe With my dad, mom, and siblings As we drive to LaGuardia, our journey’s beginning Through the long TSA lines Onto a giant plane, headed for our destination Over a dozen states we fly Amid the fluffy, white clouds Through the … Continue reading Jack K.’s Prepositional Phrase Poem