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Ericks Letter Essay #3 “Attack of the Fiend”

Recently, I have finished reading The Last Apprentice Attack of the Fiend, it is a 532 paged fantasy book by a british author named Joseph Delaney, he mainly writes books about science and fiction and fantasy he went to a catholic college then worked as an apprentice engineer and fitter. He eventually became an English … Continue reading Ericks Letter Essay #3 “Attack of the Fiend”

Jake F.’s Letter Essay #10: The Right Fight

I have just finished reading The Right Fight by Chris Lynch. This book is book 1 of a two book series. I chose the book because I have read other books by Chris Lynch and I have really liked them, so i thought that this would be a good book for my next read. This … Continue reading Jake F.’s Letter Essay #10: The Right Fight

Brother Blind

  “No more kids!” was the first thing Robert Filler heard his father say the day his brother, Samuel, came home. “No more I say!” his father, Jeremy Filler shouted, shoving Robert’s mother out the door, and snatching a bawling Samuel out of her arms. “I’m taking this one back to the orphanage where it … Continue reading Brother Blind