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Anya Gorder Letter Essay #3: The Clan of The Cave Bear

Yesterday, I finished reading The Clan of The Cave Bear, a 468-page of realistic fiction by ‎Jean M. Auel. Auel was born in 1936 in Chicago and has written the famous “Earth’s Children” series. The Clan of The Cave Bear is one of my favorite books. It has been translated into 15 languages and was … Continue reading Anya Gorder Letter Essay #3: The Clan of The Cave Bear

Tabitha’s Letter Essay: Blood Red Road

Dear Classmates, The book I am writing about is titled, Blood Red Road. This novel is by Moira Young. Blood Red Road is 459 pages, and is part of the Dust Lands Series. Young is originally from Canada, but now lives in the United Kingdom, Blood Red Road is her first novel. The writer of … Continue reading Tabitha’s Letter Essay: Blood Red Road

Brother Blind Movie Trailer

Brother Blind

  “No more kids!” was the first thing Robert Filler heard his father say the day his brother, Samuel, came home. “No more I say!” his father, Jeremy Filler shouted, shoving Robert’s mother out the door, and snatching a bawling Samuel out of her arms. “I’m taking this one back to the orphanage where it … Continue reading Brother Blind

Conquering My Fear

Why was I scared of rollercoasters? I don’t know. I’d always thought it was a combination of a fear of heights and my hate for butterflies in my stomach. Anyways, I’d never tried to conquer it, not until today…   I was still a little damp, but I changed quickly and ran out of the … Continue reading Conquering My Fear

Halloween Horrors

The tall rides that loomed overhead are usually the main attraction but not today. The changed park was filled with Halloween themed scares. The car pulled into the parking lot. There were nervous butterflies in my stomach. I stepped out and pulled my brown hair into a ponytail. The sun was shining, but I wasn’t … Continue reading Halloween Horrors