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Trans Men Should Not Be Allowed To Play in the WNBA

  Transgender men should not be able to Play in the WNBA   Transgenders playing in the opposite gender sports has been a big controversy throughout all of America throughout the last couple of years. I understand you may think well since they changed their gender they should be able to play in that gender’s sports. … Continue reading Trans Men Should Not Be Allowed To Play in the WNBA

Bio-Poem: Keira

Keira Hardworking, thoughtful, compassionate, loyal Daughter of Brent and Jill, sister of Richie Lover of family, basketball, and the Rhode Island beaches Who feels thankful to be in such a wonderful, comforting family, passionate about making a difference in the world, and fortunate to have caring friends Who finds excitement dribbling a basketball down a … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Keira

Bio-Poem Weston

Weston Innovative, self-motivated, humorous, intelligent Son of Robert and Michele, brother of Sydney Lover of his wonderful family, sports, and the atmosphere of Fall in Easton Who feels thankful for his beautiful town, his gift of life, and being able to sleep under a roof every night Who finds happiness in 80’s music, relaxing on … Continue reading Bio-Poem Weston

Michael Cruz’s Letter essay #7, The Crossover

I just finished reading, “The Crossover.” By Kwame Alexander. I chose to read this book because when I went to the media center to get a book they recommended this book and that convinced me enough so i started reading it. This book is written in the style of a poem but still has a … Continue reading Michael Cruz’s Letter essay #7, The Crossover

Parker, Where Are Your From?

Parker, Where Are You From? Where Are You From, Parker? I’m from a dream to be in the NBA. The dream that helps me practice and to continue through bad games. Or when I get down on myself  I think back about how I just need to keep trying my hardest to succeed the more … Continue reading Parker, Where Are Your From?

Andrew, Where Are You From?

Andrew, where are you from? Where are you from, Andrew? I’m from being on the soccer field four days in a row, or playing in games that were too tense to forget, Remembering watching my first soccer  FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid in a league game on FOX I’m from trips with the ECC to … Continue reading Andrew, Where Are You From?