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Bio-Poem: Keira

Keira Hardworking, thoughtful, compassionate, loyal Daughter of Brent and Jill, sister of Richie Lover of family, basketball, and the Rhode Island beaches Who feels thankful to be in such a wonderful, comforting family, passionate about making a difference in the world, and fortunate to have caring friends Who finds excitement dribbling a basketball down a … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Keira

Erick, Where Are You From?

I’m from hot summer nights and being coated in mosquito bites. Waking up my brother only for him to tell me “Go back to sleep” and finding my cousins sleeping next to me in a queen size bed meant for two.   I’m from a place where you can not miss out on the opportunity … Continue reading Erick, Where Are You From?

Sara, Where Are You From?

Sara , where are you from,  Where are you from, Sara I’m from chasing old family friends around the jersey shore beaches until we collapse onto the hot sand and burst out laughing, sand clinging onto our saltwater covered bodies. Then, taking a long bike ride down the boardwalk hearing “watch the tram car please” … Continue reading Sara, Where Are You From?