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Marissa S. Letter Essay #3: Jane Eyre

Dear Readers,   I just finished reading Jane Eyre by: Charlotte Brontë. This is a classic book and is 501 pages long. It was published in 1847 and is still appreciated by everyone who reads it. I read this book because my teacher, Mr. Jockers, recommended it to me in my last letter essay. I … Continue reading Marissa S. Letter Essay #3: Jane Eyre

Luke W’s Letter Essay #9

I have just finished reading a hilariously crazy classic called “Catch-22,” by one Joseph Heller. Heller, besides his distinguished writing career in which he wrote a variety of books including “Closing Time,” fought as a bombardier in World War II. He flew an incredible 60 combat missions, inspiring him to write “Catch-22.” Joseph Heller’s novel … Continue reading Luke W’s Letter Essay #9

Gabi’s Letter Essay #6 1984

Recently, I finished reading George Orwell’s, 328 paged classic, 1984. George Orwell (a pseudonym of Eric Blair) served with the Indian Imperial Police in Burma before returning to Europe to bestow upon us many of his great works, essays and novels alike. This particular novel, originally called Nineteen Eighty-Four,  was published on June 8, 1949. … Continue reading Gabi’s Letter Essay #6 1984