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Following the Covid-19 laws in Germany

Germany is ranked 16th out of 163 countries in peace and safety, and 11th out of 36 countries in Europe. Individuals, that live in Germany could say that Germany is strict and protective, but is it really?   During the Coronavirus pandemic, Germany has upped its game to what is permitted. At first, people were able … Continue reading Following the Covid-19 laws in Germany

John Santangeli Letter-Essay #3: Lockdown

Recently I have finished reading Lockdown, a 247 page book by an American writer named Walter Dean Myers. Myers is known for publishing young adult literature for example one of his books which is the one I read Lockdown, and his book Monster. Myers wrote over 100 books including nonfiction and picture books. Myers was married … Continue reading John Santangeli Letter-Essay #3: Lockdown

James B’s Letter Essay #9: Lockdown

I have recently finished reading “Lockdown: Escape from Furnace 1 by Alexander Gordon Smith. He is a young author having written 11 books in his career. Lockdown, is the first book of Alexander’s Furnace series. Having only read one other science fiction book this year I decided to try Lockdown and see if I liked … Continue reading James B’s Letter Essay #9: Lockdown