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Monday Musings #7: MVP Mea Culpa

Envision the most disruptive student you know (if you are that person, I’m happy you are reading this). Now, envision a class of 30 students (Period 7: that is 11 more than our current situation). Now, populate that class of 30 with 25 versions of the Most Disruptive Student You Know. That is a bit … Continue reading Monday Musings #7: MVP Mea Culpa

Monday Musings #6: Coincidence?

“There’s no such thing as coincidence.” Whether you believe in this or not, it is likely that you have, at some point in your life, experienced a “seemingly planned sequence of accidentally occurring events” (that’s Webster’s definition). I have – with some being more faith-affirming than others – and have been musing about a few … Continue reading Monday Musings #6: Coincidence?

Monday Musings: Relief, at Last

When you become a teacher in the state of Connecticut, you have 10 years from the time at which you get hired to obtain a master’s degree. In education, guessing your future profession correctly in college gives you a head start; many people I know who have been teaching for 10 or more years had … Continue reading Monday Musings: Relief, at Last