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Milo Goldstein Letter Essay #3: Michael Vey 7: the Final Spark

11/17/17   I’ve recently finished reading a 320 page book called Michael Vey 7: the Final Spark. It is really, really new and only came out a couple of days ago. It is the 7th book in a fantasy series (The Michael Vey series). It was written by a new york times best selling author … Continue reading Milo Goldstein Letter Essay #3: Michael Vey 7: the Final Spark

Harrison’s Letter Essay #7: Divergent

Dear Reader, I have recently finished reading a 487-paged, realistic fiction, dystopian book named Divergent by Veronica Roth. Veronica is now a world-wide known author for her amazing stories that she continues to write to this day. She got the idea for this series when she was in college and it was a hit. It … Continue reading Harrison’s Letter Essay #7: Divergent

Constantine’s Letter Essay #6: Unwind

Recently I have just finished reading the book Unwind, a 352 page dystopian literature novel written by Neal Shusterman, who is a winner of the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature.The book had been met with very positive reviews. Unwind is the first book in the Unwind dystology. I had read this book 2 … Continue reading Constantine’s Letter Essay #6: Unwind

Constantine, Where Are You From?

Constantine, Where Are You From?   I’m from the hardworking mother and father, and their parents, my grandparents, who took moments out of their own lives to aid me in creating my own special experiences, which is something that takes a lot to dedicate yourself to doing   I’m from moving to three different houses … Continue reading Constantine, Where Are You From?