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Jackson’s Letter-Essay #9:”Stormbreaker”

I have  just finished the book “Stormbreaker” by  Anthony Horowitz. I wanted to read the whole series of book Stormbreaker about all  of the Alex rider’s-Main Character- missions. Alex wasn’t always a spy though. He has recently been living with his uncle Ian Rider ever since his parents died- in a plane accident- and then … Continue reading Jackson’s Letter-Essay #9:”Stormbreaker”

Jake’s Letter Essay #9: Sasquatch

4/3/15 I have just finished reading Sasquatch by Roland Smith. This Fantasy book is 190 pages and is about a boy named Dylan Hickok. One day after Dylan and his dad drop his mom off at the airport, Dylans dad took him by his real Estate office to pick up some papers. Dylan’s father told him to stay in the car … Continue reading Jake’s Letter Essay #9: Sasquatch

Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals

I have read 10 books this trimester. One book that I was slightly confused by was Surrender Tree, by Margarita Engle. It was a poetry book, and the language that it spoke was very confusing. There were a lot of paltry paragraphs, and long words, some of which involved very hard thinking . The best … Continue reading Rory’s Third Trimester Reading Reflection & Goals

Brett Trimester 2 Reading Reflection and Goal

During trimester 2 I thought I did a great job at trying to get my goal and accomplishing my goal. I did accomplish my goal of reading 10 books in the trimester by reading 11 books. I passed my goal by one book and have now read 23 books so far. During the trimester I … Continue reading Brett Trimester 2 Reading Reflection and Goal