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Letter Essay #3 Elizabeth Adriani

Dear Book Lovers, Recently, I finished reading the book Gathering Blue, a 241 page dystopian young adult fiction novel of the quartet The Giver, written by the famous author, Lois Lowry. As a young girl, she was shy and decided at ages 8 and 9 that she would be a writer. Because her father was … Continue reading Letter Essay #3 Elizabeth Adriani

Sophia’s Letter-Essay #5: Wintergirls

  I recently read the novel Wintergirls, a haunting 278 paged novel by New York Times Bestselling Author, Laurie Halse Anderson who likes to watch the snowfall as she writes.   Wintergirls, Anderson’s 16th novel was published on March 19, 2009 and although it has not gained the recognition that some of Anderson’s other novels … Continue reading Sophia’s Letter-Essay #5: Wintergirls