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Letter Essay #7 Silver Eyes

Recently, I finished a 389-page sci-fi novel named Silver Eyes by Scott Cawthon. Scott Cawthon is mostly famous for being a famous and well-respected game developer. He made books based on his most popular video-game, Five Nights at Freddies. I chose this book because I am interested in the science fiction genre with scares like Hannibal Lecter. This book reeled me into its engaging story and well-developed characters.

The story starts with a character named Charlotte (or Charlie) driving back to Hurricane, Utah, the town where she was born and raised as an adolescent. She returned to attend the launch of a scholarship dedicated to her school friend Michael Brooks, who went missing ten years earlier at the start of the book. When she returned to her old town and booked a motel room she met up with her childhood friends Jessica, Lamar, Marla, Carlton, and John. After telling all the stories that she had she asked: “Do anyone of you want to go back there again?” And by there she meant her fathers old restaurant, Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, the place that shut down due to ten different children missing at this pizzeria. When they all go back they all see the lifeless animatronics sitting on the stage without action.

I was really surprised near the climax of the book when Charlie finds out the abandoned mall that she and her friends have been exploring housed another way to get into Freddies. After finding a new person, a security guard named Dave at Freddies late at night. As he lets Charlie and her friends stay in his house, weird vibes are given off to Charlie, she realizes something is wrong with Dave after he kidnaps Carlton one night and is never seen again until the end.

I liked the way the author included many different plot twists in the book it made me want to read more. One surprise twist was the new animatronic character who joined the original four animatronic animals. this new character was discovered when Charlie was searching the mall to find the missing things from her father’s workshop. This new character kills a cop who was searching for a missing kid.

In some ways, this book reminds me of the horror movie Alien 2 because it started calmly at the beginning of the book and movie and progressed to get scarier throughout the movie with all the spine-tingling scares and visual gore for the movie and the verbal gore for the book.

Finally, the part that got me the most scared was when Carlton was stuck in the spring lock suit and dave is telling him what will happen to him if he wants to live., Scott Cawthon writes: “Of course,” Dave said, the kind of polite murmur people made when they didn’t care. “Well, that’s one of his first suits,” he said, gesturing at Carlton. “And if you trigger those spring locks, two things will happen: First, all the locks will snap right into you, making deep cuts all over your body, and a split second later all the animatronics parts they’ve been holding back, all that sharp steel and hard plastic, will instantly be driven into your body. You will die, but it will be slow. You’ll feel your organs punctured, the suit will grow wet with your blood, and you will know you’re dying for long, long minutes. You’ll try to scream, but you will be unable to. Your vocal cords will be severed, and your lungs will fill with your own blood until you drown in it.” There was a faraway look in his eyes, and Carlton knew with chilling certainty that Dave wasn’t predicting. He was reminiscing…(p.268-269).””

Why I love this passage so much is how good of a job this passage terrified me. My perspective of Dave changed from him being laid back to him being super serious and scarily descriptive about what will happen to Carlton if he tries to escape the spring lock suit. I’m glad that I read this book and I give it a 9/10 and I would totally re-read this again along with its sequel The Twisted Ones which I’ve already done a Letter-Essay on before.

Luke Vechiarelli



Letter Essay #3- Brennan Schick

Dear Readers…


Recently I finished the book Harry Potter and the prisinor of azkaban, The Book really had me thinking most of the time and I thought that it would be quite easy to type this considering all of the action that was packed into this book and movie series of Harry Potter. It was A Fictional book that had me intimidatingly reading until the very last page. All of the action that was in the book really paid out for another JK Rowling Happy ending. My favorite part of the book was when Harry and Hermione went back in time and fixed what Dumbledore wanted them to fix. Then they walked into the hospital room and Ron was astonished about how they had disappeared a second before they reappeared outside the door.


One of my favorite characters is definitely going to be Hagrid. I feel like him and I have a lot in common. In my last letter essay I mentioned how I loved the Idea and career of being a Falconer, all the while Hagrid was sitting here owning a Griffin. Hagrid also had a love for animals considering he owned a baby dragon that was soon going to be mentioned in the next movie/book. My least favorite character is the same throughout the whole book, and the unimaginable reward goes to Drako Malfoy. Wow! Try spelling that fast… Throughout the entire book, Drako continues to converse in his sarcastic and ignorant way towards the other members of the Harry Potter friend group. This lasted until about the middle of the book when Hermione Slaps the heck (wow can’t say that other word in school) out of him for being to ignorant. But it’s OK readers, never fear! The non loving Drako comes back next year!


If that wasn’t enough, then I have good news for you! Hagrid’s griffin was sentenced to death…  I mean he probably has like three more, but his is the sad grieving moment so just don’t read this sentence… Anyway! All Harry wanted to do was make things right around school by doing… What exactly did he do? Oh right… Nothing! But Something did happen, his long lost uncle (You know the one who wants to kill him) is back and ready to rumble from the dead (That was just an expression, he’s not actually dead).

His name is Serious Black. Yes readers, literally SERIOUS. But you know the cool last name of Black makes up for the unsatisfying word Serious. Anywho, short story short, he was banished to Azkaban for eternity! And Rightfully so may I add. He did after all kill his friend. All was going jolly and nice, until it didn’t. Hey of course there’s got to be a twist to any sort of fantasy magical wand waving, flying broomstick and gory headless ghosts book! So guess what? Black escaped and is know trying to kill Harry. DUN Dun DUUUUUUUUUNNNNN. (Now, PAUSE for a sec, you are probably wondering why I asked you to do this, and you are also probably wondering correctly… I’m just trying to waste space so it doesn’t look like I’m bad at writing and then I get an “F” on this assignment) OK Now that i got another few lines under my belt I’m going to wrap up and say that overall this book to me is like a classic, everyone has read it, but no one talks about it, except for people who do. I am 98% sure that you probably stopped reading by now and started writing a comment based off of my first few paragraph. And Since this one is eternally long I am going to stop and put the conclusion onto another paragraph.


Ah, nice and new. So, in the .81 seconds that it took me to press the ENTER button twice, I remembered to also tell you that Harry’s life got turned upside down when he figured out that his uncle (Serious Black) is actually his friend not his foe, and is on his side in the fight against evil. And the man that he supposedly killed happened to coincidentally be the pet rat of Harry’s best friend Ron. Mind Blown? Yup me too, magical swirly books about wizards and flying horses tend to do that kind of thing to you… it’s crazy right? But anyway’s I hope you enjoyed the book report as I am bored right now and made myself laugh more that a few times. I will post the movie trailer down below.

Thx again for reading!—————————————–Brennan Schick



PS… All the trailers were restricted so I could only find the opening scene but, here you go anyway.