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Beach day

Day at the Beach
Onto the sand our toes burned with each step
Under umbrellas people dozed off from the heat
Beside us people ate
Along the shore people ran
Behind me were three giggling friends
Around the corner we waved away seagulls
Above us was the bright sun
Across were the crashing waves
Past us were little kids digging
Near were friends laughing
About to faint from the heat we headed to the shore
We swam.

Claire’s Poem

Across the atlantic ocean by ferry

Near the island of Nantucket

With amazing beaches and fun

From being with family to friends

As the waves crash onto the shore

Into the ocean we go

Despite the fact it was freezing

Following along with bike rides

Into nantucket town at night

For the famous Juice Bar ice cream

But you can’t forget the night time fun and yachts

As the month comes to an end of fun

Aboard the ferry back to Connecticut

Goodbye Nantucket

Music Appreciation: Imagery: Best Day of My Life, by American Authors

Imagery, Hyperbole (0:13), Hyperbole (1:10). I had a dream so big and loud I jump so high I touched the clouds. I howled out at the moon with friends and then the sun came crashing in.

Explanation: These lines found in the popular 2014 song Best Day of My Life by American authors are two examples of hyperboles, or exaggerations. Their choice of words are not meant to be taken literally by audiences. I jumped so high I touched the clouds is used to demonstrate the idea that he reached the farthest he could to his dreams. The sun came crashing in is written to exaggerate the occurrence of sunrise.