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Angie’s Letter Essay #3: Tangerine

Recently, I finished the book, “Tangerine,” a realistic fiction book by an author named Edward Bloor. He is a writer of novels for young adults, best known for Tangerine and a book titled London Calling. Tangerine is a very interesting book. It’s mostly about a boy, named Paul, who recently moved to Tangerine, Florida from … Continue reading Angie’s Letter Essay #3: Tangerine

Bran’s Letter Essay 3: [Book Title]

Dear Tellings, I recently finished reading I Have a Bad Feeling About This, a 256 page realistic fiction comedy book by Jeff Strand. Jeff Strand is a four-time Bram Stoker award winning author. He was born December 14, 1970 in Baltimore, Maryland. At 6 months of age, they moved to Fairbanks, Alaska. I chose this … Continue reading Bran’s Letter Essay 3: [Book Title]