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Monday Musings (That I’m not sure was due.)

Today was one of the strangest Mondays I have ever experianced. First I went to the Memorial Day Parade with my brother and sister because it was Memorial day. I walked over to march with the Helen Keller Middle School band, my brother went over to boy scouts, and my sister walked to brownies which … Continue reading Monday Musings (That I’m not sure was due.)

Monday Musings – 5/19/14 – The Outsiders Movie

In this Monday Musing, I will be talking about the Outsiders movie we watched in class a few days ago. Similar to most movie-book relations, I liked the book better. I understand it is hard to make a movie just like the book, though. I t is hard for the director to incorporate the main … Continue reading Monday Musings – 5/19/14 – The Outsiders Movie

Monday Musings #8: Books vs. Movies

“I can’t believe they didn’t include the part when they go to court at the end.” “It didn’t even start with Ponyboy getting jumped.” “It cut out the whole ending!” These were just some of the comments I heard at the conclusion of watching the film version of “The Outsiders” on Friday in class. Because, yes, … Continue reading Monday Musings #8: Books vs. Movies

Monday Musings #7: MVP Mea Culpa

Envision the most disruptive student you know (if you are that person, I’m happy you are reading this). Now, envision a class of 30 students (Period 7: that is 11 more than our current situation). Now, populate that class of 30 with 25 versions of the Most Disruptive Student You Know. That is a bit … Continue reading Monday Musings #7: MVP Mea Culpa

Monday Musings #6: Coincidence?

“There’s no such thing as coincidence.” Whether you believe in this or not, it is likely that you have, at some point in your life, experienced a “seemingly planned sequence of accidentally occurring events” (that’s Webster’s definition). I have – with some being more faith-affirming than others – and have been musing about a few … Continue reading Monday Musings #6: Coincidence?