Monday Musings #7 “Getting Axed”

I lay on the floor of an elevator, with a buzzing sound screeching throughout the office building. My eyes stay closed as I try to remember what happened;

It was Valerie’s Birthday and the office staff threw her a party. I decided to leave early, so I took the elevator down. I walk in the empty elevator, still jittery from earlier that day. The lights flickered after I pressed LOBBY in the key pad. A loud disturbing noise from the shaft came after but the doors were closed and I was locked in. The elevator dropped a level, abruptly. I then panicked, slamming my hands on the doors, yelling,”Hey, anybody! I’m down here! Can anyone here me?” The elevator lights flickered off, and the elevator plummeted down the shaft again. That was when my head hit the floor, hard.

So here I am. I open my eyes slowly, only to widen, and I scream. I see dark red blood all over my blue suit shirt. When I look up, I’m about to thrown up. I see the receptionist, Renee Dorsett, on the opened roof of the elevator, dead, with an ax in her head. I then yell, “Help!” and the next thing I know, I’m on a gurney being interviewed by a police officer. I tell him that Renee worked in the building, but nothing else. I make a noise, to seem like I’m in pain, and the paramedic quickly pushes me off, ending the interview. “Thank God!”-I think to myself, as I am pushed into an ambulance. I overhear hear her say to the police officer that I need to take it easy after what I’ve experienced.”I know I should feel guilty for killing Renee, but I don’t.” I think to myself, “I, Jeffrey Lipton, do not care for taking away someone’s life. But she deserved it. She is the reason my fiancee is dead.”

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2 thoughts on “Monday Musings #7 “Getting Axed”

  1. Nice pun in the title, Victoria. I thought I was entering into a short piece about someone losing their menial office job. But, no, you meant someone getting an axe in their head. I hope that is as gory as this story gets.

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