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Bio-Poem: Maya G.

Maya Conscientious,  hard-working, outgoing, trustworthy Daughter of Ann and Don, sister of Jack and Chloe Lover of life, non-stop laughter, and all of the fun activities that come along with the changing of the seasons, each exciting in a different way Who feels thankful for the continuous love from her family, the perpetual support of … Continue reading Bio-Poem: Maya G.

Letter Essay #7 Divergent Nicholas DiStefano

Nicholas DiStefano Mr. Jockers 3/29/16 ILA Per. 6   Dear reader,   Recently, I finished reading Divergent, an 487-page realistic fiction book by a loving American writer, who came up with her series in college, and ever since she can’t stop writing really good books. Divergent published in 2011 and people can’t stop reading it, … Continue reading Letter Essay #7 Divergent Nicholas DiStefano

Brother Blind Movie Trailer

Under The Spotlight

“Arden, Addisen,” my mom calls. “Wake up!” I groan. It’s too early for a Sunday. Suddenly, everything clicks. Today’s the day we get to take a master class. See the Broadway show Newsies. Meet two of the cast members. It was going to be a very exciting day.   I lazily slide out of bed, … Continue reading Under The Spotlight