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FW: Week 1, Day 1

“Unexpected!” by Fariha K. A new day arrived – as always. It was an extraordinary, wonderful day at the prime of the world, Disneyland! The weather in California was simply delightful, and a new adventure awaited my family and I. Unfortunately, it was our last day in California, and after a lengthy time at every … Continue reading FW: Week 1, Day 1

The Thunderous Scream

“Ahhhh!” I screamed as I faced the ground staring up at me from what looked like hundreds of feet. The bright yellow steel beams suspended a long, bench-like ride, and swung it from side to side, the sound of thunder and lightning boomed throughout the scariest ride I had ever seen. Why had I listened … Continue reading The Thunderous Scream

Brother Blind Movie Trailer

Conquering My Fear

Why was I scared of rollercoasters? I don’t know. I’d always thought it was a combination of a fear of heights and my hate for butterflies in my stomach. Anyways, I’d never tried to conquer it, not until today…   I was still a little damp, but I changed quickly and ran out of the … Continue reading Conquering My Fear