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Brother Blind Movie Trailer

Insanely Amazing

My grandma is crazy. She loves to shop. She’s crazy about shopping. She is a loud Rhode Islander who can’t work the “Siri” like machine in her car because of her accent. Even though she is positive that I’m the one with the accent. When she tries to call my grandpa, Ed Dockray, it thinks … Continue reading Insanely Amazing

Death of The Farm

It was a typical Thursday.It was bright and sunny, and only a few clouds dotted the sky. I had a typical life family and non typical pet. I had five chickens: Tina, Luna, Snooki, Vicky,and Sadie. There was nothing more important to me than them. Feeding them, warming them, keeping them entertained, and keeping them … Continue reading Death of The Farm

Always Be Alert

“Woosh, woosh,” the grass swayed calmly in the distance. The autumn trees had faded red, orange, and yellow leaves, falling off gradually, while they loomed over the backyard. The breeze created a soft, eerie howl and the night sky was a darkening blue without a cloud in sight.   My family and I were devouring … Continue reading Always Be Alert