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Letter Essay #3 Aidan: Slider by Pete Hartman

Dear Blog Readers, Recently I had finished a book called Slider by Pete Hautman who was born in 1952 in Berkeley, California. He attended college, first at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, then at the University of Minnesota. He now has settled down with his wife and novelist in Minnesota and loves to … Continue reading Letter Essay #3 Aidan: Slider by Pete Hartman

Letter Essay #8- Once by Morris Gleitzman

Issabella Merrill Jockers 5/13/15 Letter essay #8   Recently,  just finished Once a 150 page Historical fiction novel by Morris Gleitzman, an award winning author who published his first book in 1987. His book Once has sold over one million copies in the last 4 years. I recommend this book to anyone who likes suspense/ … Continue reading Letter Essay #8- Once by Morris Gleitzman

Jake F.’s Letter Essay #10: The Right Fight

I have just finished reading The Right Fight by Chris Lynch. This book is book 1 of a two book series. I chose the book because I have read other books by Chris Lynch and I have really liked them, so i thought that this would be a good book for my next read. This … Continue reading Jake F.’s Letter Essay #10: The Right Fight

Jake’s Letter Essay #9: Sasquatch

4/3/15 I have just finished reading Sasquatch by Roland Smith. This Fantasy book is 190 pages and is about a boy named Dylan Hickok. One day after Dylan and his dad drop his mom off at the airport, Dylans dad took him by his real Estate office to pick up some papers. Dylan’s father told him to stay in the car … Continue reading Jake’s Letter Essay #9: Sasquatch

Brother Blind Movie Trailer

Brother Blind

  “No more kids!” was the first thing Robert Filler heard his father say the day his brother, Samuel, came home. “No more I say!” his father, Jeremy Filler shouted, shoving Robert’s mother out the door, and snatching a bawling Samuel out of her arms. “I’m taking this one back to the orphanage where it … Continue reading Brother Blind

Under The Spotlight

“Arden, Addisen,” my mom calls. “Wake up!” I groan. It’s too early for a Sunday. Suddenly, everything clicks. Today’s the day we get to take a master class. See the Broadway show Newsies. Meet two of the cast members. It was going to be a very exciting day.   I lazily slide out of bed, … Continue reading Under The Spotlight

Halloween Horrors

The tall rides that loomed overhead are usually the main attraction but not today. The changed park was filled with Halloween themed scares. The car pulled into the parking lot. There were nervous butterflies in my stomach. I stepped out and pulled my brown hair into a ponytail. The sun was shining, but I wasn’t … Continue reading Halloween Horrors