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FW: Week 1, Day 1

“Unexpected!” by Fariha K. A new day arrived – as always. It was an extraordinary, wonderful day at the prime of the world, Disneyland! The weather in California was simply delightful, and a new adventure awaited my family and I. Unfortunately, it was our last day in California, and after a lengthy time at every … Continue reading FW: Week 1, Day 1

Caden’s Letter Essay 5: Superhuman

I’ve just finished reading superhuman by Michael Carroll. This book was 325 pages of pure action and suspense. I really enjoyed the first book of the series and it really showed me how much it takes to be a superhuman. This series known as a quantum prophecy was one of Michael careless greatest achievements. Some … Continue reading Caden’s Letter Essay 5: Superhuman

Jake’s Letter Essay #9: Sasquatch

4/3/15 I have just finished reading Sasquatch by Roland Smith. This Fantasy book is 190 pages and is about a boy named Dylan Hickok. One day after Dylan and his dad drop his mom off at the airport, Dylans dad took him by his real Estate office to pick up some papers. Dylan’s father told him to stay in the car … Continue reading Jake’s Letter Essay #9: Sasquatch