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  1. I was ready for my tennis lesson with James Blake’s old coach.We warmed up and I focused on getting the spin on all of the balls that we hit and I focused on my Technique.
    “Okay Jack today we are working on your backhand.Your pinkie finger should be all the way on your racket not half on, half off. That way you will be able to have power and accuracy as well as spin. Next, your racket handle should should not be going straight up on your follow through. Your racket handle should end up being straight, said Brian.”
    I practiced for a long period of time, trying the comprehend everything that he was saying. A few minutes later, I had powerful shots that were at least three feet high above the net. I was really improving and I felt confident with my strokes.

    “You have really done well Jack. You have gotten better quickly.”

    I beamed at him.

    “Thank’s Brian.”

  2. It is also the name of an American tennis player, Dylan. Please, always keep the comments positive on the blog.

  3. Today, I started to worry about some random things that would never happen to me in real life. What if, theoretically, you somehow went back in time accidentally before for example, the internet had been invented, (I know, life would be hard) and tried to explain to to them. It’s funny in my opinion that we don’t have any idea of how our world works, it just does. Everyone has their own job, but if everyone does not have their own job and role, society cannot properly function. Being 12 years old, I hope to get a medical degree and become a dermatologist, but what would the people think, lets say, 300 years ago when I tried to explain a lightbulb, nevertheless the internet! The point I am trying to make is that society needs specific roles to function, and if unspecialized people tried to fill these jobs, society fails to function.

  4. Today, I was really hungry. Not the normal kind of hungry where you think “well maybe I can go and get a bite to eat later” kind of hungry, it was the hangry kind of hungry, when you are angry and hungry simotaneously. I mean, if I saw like a deer outside the window during Spanish class, I would jump out of the window straight through the glass, skin it, and eat it raw. To make it even worse, we were in our food unit in Spanish class. The assignment was to look at Mexican foods, because that was our assignment for the day for a later upcoming project. Trust me, you do not feel any less hungry after staring at pictures of chocolate filled doughnuts, or churros as they’re called. Finally, after what seemed to be about 2,000 years, the bell rang and I ran down the hallway to the cafeteria where I finally ate and became satisfied.

  5. Today, I had some deep thoughts. Not deep thoughts like “what flavor ice cream will I get when I am waiting in line at Dairy Queen” kind of deep, I mean like deep like “what is consciousness?” and “What is the meaning of our lives?” After contemplating for as long as I could possibly think with deeper meaning, probably around nine years ago, I decided to put it all down for a school assignment. About school anyways, why do humans put such an emphasis on education more than other species. We devote the majority of our lives (not including sleep) working, learning, and doing things, but what is the REAL meaning of this, as a society. For some of us, the opinion varies. For example, some conclude happiness, while others think that life is just a chemical reaction between a mix of different chemicals and elements that has adapted into its many forms through processes that take millions of years. These two arguments are equally as likely from different opinions, but some people agree with both or many other reasons. Whatever the answer to these questions will be, no one will be satisfied in the end.

    1. I love how first I’m contemplating the existence of the universe then I am complaining about how I was really hungry that day

    2. Nate,
      What you’re writing is interesting and I’d like to allow others the opportunity to read it but you’re posting these musings as comments on a hardly-visited page. Once you’re logged in, hover over “new” on the black bar at the top of the screen and then select “post.” Then publish your piece of writing and it will appear in a more prominent location.

  6. Thank you for sharing about what book you struggled on the most. I liked how you said how many pages it had.

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