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Letter Essay #6 I Have A Bad Feeling About This -John Wojenski

3/8/18 Not to long ago, I completed a 238 page Realistic Fiction book, titled I Have A Bad Feeling About This. This book was written by an American Author, born in Baltimore, Jeff Strand. He usually writes humorous horror novels, but this book is somewhat of an acception. He has been nominated 4 times for … Continue reading Letter Essay #6 I Have A Bad Feeling About This -John Wojenski

Katherine Sheehan Letter Essay #4 Max: Best Friend. Hero. Marine.

January/ 4 /2018 http://www.dhakamovie.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Max-2015-1080p-BluRay.jpg  Recently I finished Max: Best Friend. Hero. Marine, a 248 page novel by Jennifer Li Shotz. A Los Angeles native, she graduated from Vassar and has an MFA in nonfiction from Columbia. She lives with her family in Brooklyn. She has written many novels including Max: Best Friend. Hero. Marine that … Continue reading Katherine Sheehan Letter Essay #4 Max: Best Friend. Hero. Marine.

Madeline Longo-Letter Essay #3: Girl Stolen

Recently, I just finished reading Girl, Stolen, a 213-page Realistic Fiction book by April Henry.  April Henry wrote multiple mysteries for adults and young adults and eventually became a New York Times Bestseller. When watching the news, April saw a story about an eighteen year old girl who was blind and accidentally kidnapped, which influenced … Continue reading Madeline Longo-Letter Essay #3: Girl Stolen

Ashley Salvatore Letter Essay #3: No Small Thing

Recently, I finished reading No Small Thing, a 245-page, realistic fiction book, by Natale Ghent. She is an author and illustrator, but before her career, she lived in Illinois, in an old stone farmhouse with her horses, chickens, dogs, and many other animals, but moved to the canadian countryside continuing to write books. I noticed … Continue reading Ashley Salvatore Letter Essay #3: No Small Thing

Hannah’s Letter Essay #9: See you at Harry’s

Dear Classmates,   I just completed See You at Harry’s by Jo Knowles. This 300 page book was so amazing. Jo Knowles first book was Lessons From a Dead Girl and was published in 2006. This is my second time reading this novel and I am so happy that I decided to reread it because … Continue reading Hannah’s Letter Essay #9: See you at Harry’s

Sophia’s Letter-Essay #5: Wintergirls

  I recently read the novel Wintergirls, a haunting 278 paged novel by New York Times Bestselling Author, Laurie Halse Anderson who likes to watch the snowfall as she writes.   Wintergirls, Anderson’s 16th novel was published on March 19, 2009 and although it has not gained the recognition that some of Anderson’s other novels … Continue reading Sophia’s Letter-Essay #5: Wintergirls

Alex H’s Letter Essay #4: Someone Like You

Dear Classmates, Recently, I finished reading the novel Someone Like You, a 281 page realistic novel by a creative writer named Sarah Dessen. The ALA “Best Fiction for Young Adults” writer published her book, Someone Like You, on May 11, 2004. I decided to read this book in November because I had recently finished, Keeping … Continue reading Alex H’s Letter Essay #4: Someone Like You

Samantha’s Letter Essay #3: Speak

I most recently finished the novel Speak, by Laurie Halse Anderson. Speak is a 198 page realistic fiction story that conveys big topics. Laurie Halse Anderson. She has written a total of 6 novels, 6 picture books and a 12 book series. However, she is best known for her book Speak, which was published in October … Continue reading Samantha’s Letter Essay #3: Speak

Reading Reflection

I read 44 books this trimester (the second trimester). I read a lot of books that I wouldn’t usually read this trimester, I read some traditional literature, poetry and historical fiction. I also read some challenging books such as ¨13 Reasons Why¨ which is high school level. And I think that it’s fine to read … Continue reading Reading Reflection

Letter-Essay Model

Dear Students, I just finished reading Lynn Joseph’s “The Color of My Words,” a slim (138 pages) novel about a girl growing up on the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic, during a time when the government is desperate (and corrupt) enough to engage in a scheme to attract more tourists that at the same … Continue reading Letter-Essay Model