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Alex H’s Letter Essay #4: Someone Like You

Dear Classmates, Recently, I finished reading the novel Someone Like You, a 281 page realistic novel by a creative writer named Sarah Dessen. The ALA “Best Fiction for Young Adults” writer published her book, Someone Like You, on May 11, 2004. I decided to read this book in November because I had recently finished, Keeping … Continue reading Alex H’s Letter Essay #4: Someone Like You

Alex H’s Letter Essay #3: “Keeping the Moon”

I have recently read the book “Keeping the Moon”, a 240-page realistic fiction novel by Sarah Dessen, it was published on May 11, 2004. Through middle school, I have gotten my recommendations from my friends to read Sarah Dessen books. I finally decided to try it out and I’m happy I did. I decided on … Continue reading Alex H’s Letter Essay #3: “Keeping the Moon”

Hanna’s Reading Reflection

In the second trimester my goal was to read thirteen books I met the goal. Another  goal of mine was to read books that challenged me I did not meet that goal.   One of my favorite books that I read in the second trimester was “Someone else’s  Life ” by: Katie Dale this was one of my favorite books because it was very suspenseful  and kept me wanting more.  One of my favorite authors from this trimester was Sarah  Dessen because I love the way I can connect to all her books. My favorite genre from this  trimester is realistic fiction because, I like reading books I can relate too.  I did not meet all of my goals for the second trimester for example I  did not write a  letter essay about a book I didn’t like and I didn’t read any biographies. I will add the goals  that I didn’t complete to my third trimester goals so I will have another chance at completing  them. My goals this trimester is to write down all the books I read, I would also like to read  more historical fiction and more James Patterson books. Finally I would like to get all check  pluses on all of my letter essays. Someone else’s life book review